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A poor response to an incident, issue or crisis can quickly undermine a company’s credibility and corporate reputation. Every business should have a documented plan of how it will handle an adverse incident, so effective action can be taken immediately after the unexpected happens.

World leader in issues management

FCR has been recognised with an international award as a world leader in issues management and crisis communication. We assist companies to prepare plans that protect their reputation, should a crisis occur.

Clear incident communication

We help companies communicate clearly and responsibly when an incident or crisis threatens to thrust them into the spotlight and when media, customers, unions, regulators or government question what went wrong.

Reputation protection

During any litigation, we work closely with senior management and legal advisers to ensure that a company’s legal defence is complemented by a communication strategy to protect its reputation and provide fair hearing in the court of public opinion.

“FCR helped to set the foundation for Eni Australia’s incident response and emergency management communication procedures.The firm’s advice on crisis communication and its experience of handling serious incidents were invaluable, and I have no hesitation in recommending them.”

James Kernaghan
Former External Relations and Communications Manager, Eni Australia

Crisis Management

Crisis preparedness: Scenario training & simulation drills

We have developed a successful process of managing issues and crises to minimise damage and portray our clients as good corporate citizens.

Procedure preparation

We help clients prepare procedures which enable management to act quickly to influence how an issue or crisis is perceived by the media and by customers, employees and other stakeholders.

Training programs & simulations

Our training programs and simulations for executives and staff help contain damage, and we are available around the clock to provide immediate advice and support.

“When Australia’s biosecurity was at risk from brown marmorated stink bugs, we turned to FCR for advice on how to achieve expanded and stricter regulation. FCR’s experience, industry understanding and political savvy were just what we needed to secure a great result for Australia as well as WW Ocean.”

Anna Larsson
Former Head of Corporate Communication, Wallenius Wilhelmsen ASA

Crisis communication

Award-winning strategies 

FCR’s crisis communication management earned the PR industry’s ‘Campaign of the Year Award’.

Highly experienced

Our experience ranges from employee and customer fatalities, oil spills, regulatory failure, product withdrawals, labour strikes, lockouts and fraud to the Tampa refugee crisis.

Australian MTI network partner

As the Australian partner in the MTI Network, the world’s largest media response and public affairs service for the shipping, offshore, energy and transportation industries, FCR frequently helps manage incidents in Australian and New Zealand waters.

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