As part of a leading financial and corporate communication group, our graphic design and corporate publishing division has a unique advantage. By combining our creative, print production and online skills with our understanding of investors’ information needs and different business sectors, we write, design and produce communication materials and websites that achieve clients’ objectives, convey their messages accurately and enhance their corporate identity and values.

This approach has enabled FCR to become one of Australia’s leading publishers of annual reports, M&A documents, prospectuses, product disclosure statements and online corporate communication.

Backed by the latest technical resources, we have the capacity to handle the largest production projects and meet the tightest deadlines. Due to the amount of print we commission on behalf of our clients, we have excellent relations with many of Australia’s major printers and often can obtain preferential rates, keeping costs to a minimum.

With projects such as prospectuses and takeover documents our contribution can extend beyond publication. We have experience of all forms of mail fulfilment and document delivery and can take care of producing acceptance letters, flysheets and address labels, and arranging packaging and postage of the final product.

Some examples of our work…

“The FCR team are highly professional. They design and typeset prospectuses within tight timeframes and with strict attention to detail, and their around-the-clock service ensures transactions proceed as scheduled. We don’t hesitate to recommend FCR to our clients.”

Mark Gross, executive director, Morgans Financial




We assist clients with the structure, content, design and construction of websites and other online communication.

An online presence is an important source of information for investors and other corporate stakeholders and also can build brand awareness and relationships with customers.

As a first step to developing an online strategy, we analyse and understand our client’s target markets and the messages it wishes to deliver. Implementing this in a website refresh, we discuss the design and content requirements and how the organisation should be positioned, and then prepare a detailed site map and visual concept. We also advise on how to move this strategy to other online activity.

With increased emphasis on visual communication, a short corporate video on a website can explain a company’s business more effectively than words. We are skilled at producing videos that enable people to understand an organisation’s dynamics and competitive strengths.

Some of our recent online projects: Click here for examples of our design work.




We have wide experience of producing bidder’s and target’s statements, scheme booklets and other communication materials during M&A transactions. We understand the pressures, constraints and need for around-the-clock service, and our efficient processes and latest technology enable us to respond to the tightest deadlines.

We produce all documents to print stage in our CBD offices, enabling us to provide a fully integrated service in complete security. When designing a document, our involvement in some of Australia’s highest profile takeovers helps us to present a company’s key messages in the most effective manner.

Recent documents: Click here for examples of our design work.




We design and produce prospectuses and product disclosure statements which communicate a company’s or fund’s strengths, strategies and investment attractions. As part of a leading financial and corporate communication consultancy, we can also assist with drafting or editing text if required.

Working closely with the client and its corporate advisers, we provide an around-the-clock service to produce an effective document that supports the offer’s communication strategy.

We understand the time-critical nature of financial documents and have the resources to meet the tightest deadlines. Confidentiality is assured as all work to ASIC lodgement stage is undertaken in-house.

A selection of some of our recent prospectuses and product disclosure statements: Click here for examples of our design work.




FCR is one of Australia’s leading publishers of annual reports.

We regard design as a means of communication, rather than an end in itself, and our aim always is effective communication of our client’s messages.

We work closely with each client to define its communication objectives. We then combine our creative skills with our understanding of investors’ information needs to plan a structure, theme and design that achieve the company’s goals.

Our knowledge of a wide range of business sectors helps us to understand our client’s business and contribute value throughout the process.

We can assist with writing, design, layout, photography and proofreading the report, along with both print/online production and distribution, offering an end-to-end solution with efficient project management.

Click here for examples of our design work.

“For more than 15 years, FCR has designed and produced annual reports that have enhanced Programmed Maintenance Services’ investor relations. FCR’s creative designs and advice on structure and content have helped to build our brand and present financial and operational achievements clearly for institutional and retail investors, analysts and stockbroking advisers. The FCR team is professional, efficient and responsive and we strongly recommend its services.”

Stephen Leach, CFO, Programmed Maintenance Services Limited




We are often asked to design and produce corporate and marketing brochures, videos, banners, posters, fact sheets, roadshow presentations, advertisements, conference booths and a wide range of other materials for our clients.

In most cases, the text is drafted by our own writers, who are skilled in all aspects of corporate and business communication.

Before embarking on any project, we familiarise ourselves with overall communication objectives, audiences and how the item is to be used. We also review our client’s other communication materials, so the design is in line with corporate branding. We regard design as a communication tool, which should enhance messages rather than dominate them.

Click here for examples of our design work.




An effective corporate identity articulates an organisation’s image and reputation. It helps a company position itself in the market and differentiate itself from competitors. If managed correctly, a company’s corporate identity can be an invaluable asset.

Our design team has extensive experience in planning and managing corporate identity programs. We can create a completely new corporate identity or refresh an existing identity within established corporate guidelines, managing every stage of the development.

Click here for examples of our design work.




FCR can produce maps and other graphics to any scale, from the simplest “thumbnail” representation to detailed topographic versions.

We also specialise in turning complex information into easy-to-understand graphics, and frequently work with clients in the energy and resources sectors to provide them with high‑quality charts and diagrams.

Click here for examples.




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