We help companies communicate effectively with institutional and retail investors, directly and through stockbroking analyst and client adviser contact. We are skilled in developing programs that maintain the support of existing shareholders and broaden a company’s share register. As mentioned below, we also have extensive experience of M&A transactions, IPOs and other capital raisings.

The depth of our expertise has been recognised with more awards for investor/financial communication in the past 15 years than any other specialist agency.

Our investor communication team has detailed knowledge of the information needs of investors and their advisers and of the forces that motivate them. Most companies have a limited number of opportunities each year to attract investors’ attention – and we help each client to leverage its opportunities through effective ASX releases and presentations, analyst and shareholder briefings, and media strategies. For every client we maintain a separate database of analysts, client advisers, investors and journalists who follow the stock and should be informed of corporate developments.

Many of our clients are mid-cap and small-cap companies, which rely on us to augment their in-house resources and advise on best practice. They often ask us to assist with drafting results announcements and with guidance on continuous disclosure and on maintaining market confidence in their corporate governance procedures.

No two investor relations programs are identical, as each company has different communication objectives and needs. We work with each client as a team to plan and manage appropriate activities that communicate the company’s investment attractions and value.

Our design group gives us a unique advantage, in that we produce prospectuses, takeover documents and annual reports in-house, enabling us to meet the tightest deadlines.

We offer an integrated service which, as required, can combine:

  • Investor relations and communication counsel
  • Media, analyst and investor briefings
  • Roadshows
  • Design and production of websites, online shareholder communication, annual reports and other investor publications
  • Telemarketing
  • Direct mail
  • Advertising
  • Media and presentation skills coaching

Integrating these services ensures that all activities communicate consistent messages in the most cost-effective way.

We have huge respect for FCR. Over six years, and a further 14 years before I joined the company, FCR’s advice and assistance with investor relations, managing complex issues (most recently related to Covid-19) and our annual report have been very valuable to us. They are a highly professional and experienced team and I strongly recommend them.”


Scott Evans, Chief Executive Officer, Mosaic Brands Limited

Over 15 years, when a significant event has required a well thought out response, we have found FCR able to deliver. They have helped us with results announcements, analyst briefings, M&A transactions, media coverage and our annual reports.”


Chris Sutherland, Programmed Maintenance Services Limited


FCR has assisted with more than 120 IPOs and other capital raisings.

We are skilled at raising a company’s profile in anticipation of a float, and at building demand for its shares during the offer period. We also design, produce and, if required, help draft prospectuses which communicate the company’s strengths, growth strategies and investment attractions.

Working closely with our client, its corporate advisers and underwriters, we plan and manage an appropriate communication strategy and activity program to achieve the offer objectives.

We also broaden awareness of our client and build a positive corporate reputation among investors, stockbrokers and media to help create ongoing demand for shares in the secondary market.

Our experience ranges from ‘retail’ floats, requiring a high media profile, to smaller issues, institutional placements, rights issues and bond issues. We develop communication and marketing strategies, manage potentially damaging issues, arrange analyst and media presentations, maximise media coverage, create and manage advertising campaigns, and operate investor hotlines. Prospectuses are produced in-house to ASIC lodgement stage, guaranteeing confidentiality.

“The FCR team are highly professional. They design and typeset prospectuses within tight timeframes and with strict attention to detail, and their around-the-clock service ensures transactions proceed as scheduled. We don’t hesitate to recommend FCR to our clients.


Mark Gross, executive director, Morgans Financial



FCR has assisted with more than 100 M&A transactions. Our involvement in some of Australia’s highest profile takeovers – both for cash and for scrip – has given us wide experience of the communication techniques that can be used during a bid, as well as the issues and legal constraints which have to be faced.

We know how to present our clients’ messages in a persuasive manner and to capitalise on the strengths and weaknesses of offerors and their targets. We also have a detailed understanding of the steps to be taken when a company anticipates a bid and wishes to be on the ‘front foot’.

As the Australian associate of AMO (www.amo-global.com), and through our close association with Asia’s largest corporate, investor and financial communication consultancy, Strategic Public Relations Group (SPRG), we also assist Australian companies with cross-border mergers and acquisitions and international exchange listings. AMO has offices in most of the world’s major financial centres, with more than 950 communication professionals and well-established media and analyst relationships. SPRG has offices in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia.

Our corporate publishing team has extensive experience of producing bidder’s and target’s statements, scheme booklets and other communication materials. We understand the pressures, constraints and needs for around-the-clock service and our efficient processes and latest technology enable us to meet the tightest deadlines in complete security.

“FCR played a key role in developing and communicating Resource Pacific’s takeover defence.

We would highly recommend FCR as an experienced adviser.”


Paul Jury, managing director, Resource Pacific Holdings Limited



Anthony Tregoning

Anthony Tregoning


Jeremy Kirk

Jeremy Kirk

Director/General Manager