For each client our focus is to create, promote and maintain a corporate reputation that enhances its business operations.

Over three decades we have provided clients with strategic counsel and targeted programs that have achieved their communication goals and added value to their businesses. We have devised strategies to overcome just about every corporate communication challenge that a company can face – and we’ve done this for companies in almost every industry sector.

Communication is an integral part of a business’ corporate growth strategy. An effective communication program can explain a company’s business model, build the loyalty of customers and employees and influence other stakeholders such as special interest groups.



A company’s reputation can be a valuable asset. It should be managed through a carefully planned, integrated program.

FCR’s corporate reputation programs are often based on research of each segment of a company’s audience, identifying the gaps that exist between perceptions and reality. The research indicates actions the company should take and messages that need to be communicated, perceived strengths to be reinforced and perceived weaknesses to be addressed. It can also be used as a base against which to track progress in achieving communication objectives.

Our skill is in interpreting the research and planning a strategic communication program to present messages in the most cost-effective way, helping a business achieve its wider business objectives.

Media coverage

Media coverage can have a major impact on a business’ reputation. We plan and implement long-term programs of PR activity to maintain a client’s media presence at the right level. We are experienced in developing newsworthy angles and presenting stories in a way that attracts the attention of media, as well as in managing potentially damaging situations. We know the leading business journalists and columnists; scarcely a day passes when we are not in contact with them.

Workshops & coaching

Our media skills workshops and presentation coaching help executives to become familiar with the demands of media and confident to engage with journalists. Our coaching assists clients to identify news opportunities and capitalise on them. It shows how to communicate positive messages during interviews and presentations and minimise negative media coverage.

Social media

Designing and carrying out social media and online campaigns are an integral part of our service. For several years we’ve used these tools as part of our thought leadership strategies.

Speaking engagements

Speaking engagements can be effective in strengthening a business’ reputation. We help identify appropriate opportunities, advise how to extract the most value from them and, when appropriate, leverage content to a wider audience.


Websites are an essential communication tool for most businesses, but can be unfocused and unnecessarily extravagant. As corporate communication consultants — with our own web design team — we can plan, design and construct a website that communicates key messages in a cost-effective manner.

Brochures & video

Likewise, when a client requires a brochure or video, we work closely with its management to ensure the design and content are appropriate for the audience and the expenditure is justified.

Corporate entertainment

The professionalism with which a business plans its corporate entertainment can have a lasting effect on its corporate reputation, as well as on sales. Well-staged events and programs secure customer loyalty and provide opportunities for potential customers to be influenced by satisfied customers. We are skilled at developing and managing corporate entertainment programs — targeted at the interests of invitees; memorable without being inappropriately extravagant.


We also advise on potential sponsorships and how to extract maximum value from them.

“FCR’s communication advice and support were invaluable in the process of reviewing the future of our Kurri Kurri smelter. FCR contributed strongly in conveying our messages to stakeholders, which is crucial when implementing a decision that attracts wide interest.”


Halvor Molland, vice president communication, Norsk Hydro ASA, Oslo,



Employees frequently identify communication as a key influence on job satisfaction. We are experienced in helping plan and implement effective change management programs which build a productive culture, employee loyalty and motivation. These also help to attract the best people.

We have helped clients manage significant internal change as a result of mergers, acquisitions, restructuring and repositioning. We work closely with each client to identify and manage issues, providing analysis and assisting at all stages of planning, execution and assessment.

Our services include strategic counsel, project management and online and print communication. We can design and produce videos for internal briefings or a company’s intranet, or create newsletters and other materials that are reader-friendly and effective in instilling company values.



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Anthony Tregoning


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