Integrated Portfolio Solutions launches Private Markets offering

by | May 10, 2022 | IN THE MEDIA

Specialist investment portfolio administrator Integrated Portfolio Solutions is making it easier for investment advisers and private client businesses to source, access and consolidate reporting on alternative investments by launching a new Private Markets offering.

The Sydney-based platform alternative is doing this by partnering with product manufacturers and investment experts that have special access to a range of alternative asset classes, such as private equity, venture capital, hedge funds and infrastructure, to construct customised investment solutions for clients.

“This Private Markets access is then integrated into our portfolio administration and reporting service which provides a single total portfolio view and has all the benefits of a platform without the restrictions,” said Integrated’s Head of Private Markets, Jeremy Ellis.

“By enabling the sourcing and reporting of alternative investments in combination with the reporting and administration of more traditional assets, we entirely remove the burden created by having more client assets being held off-platform and the administration involved with alternative investments.

“We replace the headache of managing back-office portfolio administration with the pleasure of knowing that wherever you choose to invest your client’s portfolios we have got you covered,” he added.

Mr Ellis said it was not just historically low interest rates and more recently soaring inflation concerns that were pushing advisers and their clients to hunt for growth and yield from non-traditional sources.

“We are seeing increasing proportions of alternative assets in high-net-worth investor (HNWI) portfolios across the board. In contrast to traditional investments, alternative assets are less dependent on market trends.

“Our Private Markets offering is a recognition that directly held assets will only continue to grow.  It’s not uncommon to see anywhere between 20%- to-50% of HNWI portfolios being invested in alternative assets. In fact, of the $10bn that Integrated Portfolio Solutions administers, almost $3bn is already invested in alternative assets and we expect this proportion to increase significantly,” he said.