“FCR gained respect and admiration in our company for having the courage to challenge us when our thinking was wrong, misguided or misinformed. Too many consulting organisations accede to the wishes of the client without question and dare not take the bold steps that you did.”

Trevor Hall

Vice President HR, Hydro Aluminium AS

Our business is built on long-term partnerships. Some of our existing client relationships date back over 20 years – hopefully a testament to the fact that we are great to work with and deliver real value.

Our first clients included ACI, Clayton Robard, Coles Myer, CRA and Elders IXL. Since then we’ve developed communication programs for hundreds of companies and organisations – building their reputations and investor support, overcoming communication challenges and helping to complete transactions. We have also launched and promoted many of the financial products Australian investors take for granted today.

As the business, regulatory and media environments have changed, we have continued to refine our services, and today we offer a full range of the latest communication techniques underpinned by our unique experience and insight.

Clients choose FCR because of our strategic approach and the quality of our advice on how to communicate effectively with their stakeholders, financial markets and media. They benefit from our:


  • In-depth knowledge of financial markets, media and all business sectors;
  • Experience, gained over 30 years, of devising strategies to overcome just about every corporate communication challenge that a business can face;
  • Thorough understanding of how people absorb information and of why communication succeeds or fails;
  • Skill at presenting complex information in an easily understandable form to explain financial or technical products in clear text and visuals;
  • Stable team in an industry where there is considerable churn
  • Unrivalled connections in China, Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan through the close ties FCR has with Asia’s largest corporate, investor and financial communication consultancy, Hong Kong-based Strategic Public Relations Group (sprg.asia).


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